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Most applicants now use the online application facility, however if you prefer you can still apply using the paper application form. Please ensure you read the notes for guidance before completing your application as this will help you through the process.

All the information you will need to make your application can be found on the Graduate Studies Website

Graduate Virtual Open Days

Please see the following webpage

Choosing a college

Oxford is a Collegiate University, in which every student of the University must also be a member of a college. For graduate students, a college typically provides subsidised accommodation and meals, library and computing facilities as well as sports equipment and a social centre, with a graduate common room and bar.

On the graduate application form, you may choose to either (i) indicate that you have no college preference, in which case a college will be selected on your behalf, or (ii) state a college preference. You will not be able to amend your choice after submitting our application. Whether or not you state a college preference will not affect how your department assesses your application and ultimately whether or not they decide to make you an offer. For further information, please refer to the Application Guide

If you are offered a place on the programme of study to which you have applied, your offer letter will state that you are guaranteed a place at a college or permanent private hall. The college will contact you separately and make an offer of a place, subject to your satisfying any funding conditions. However, this will not necessarily be at the one you have specified on your application form. Some are heavily over-subscribed and not all applicants can be accepted at their specified college. Applicants in this position will be allocated a place elsewhere. A guaranteed college place does not guarantee accommodation.

Below is a list of Colleges which accept students applying for the MSc in Computer Science:

Balliol College

Exeter College

Green Templeton

Keble College

Kellogg College

Linacre College

Magdalen College

Mansfield College

Merton College

New College

Oriel College

Pembroke College

Somerville College

St. Annes College

St Catherine's College

St. Cross College

St. Hugh's College

St. John's College

Somerville College

University College

Wolfson College

Worcester College

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